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Types of Application

Applicants may apply for normal registration, conditional registration, or recognition of prior learning.

Normal Registration

To apply for normal registration at Southern Business School, the applicant must be in possession of:

  • A Matriculation Certificate issued by the Matriculation Board; or
  • A National Senior Certificate; or
  • A certificate endorsed by the South African Certification Board as equivalent to the minimum admission requirements for higher education; or
  • Any qualification that is deemed equivalent and which has been registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The senior certificate must reflect a minimum of five subjects in higher or standard grade or combination of subjects on the higher grade and the standard grade. The Academic Board may admit a person with a senior certificate with a minimum of four subjects (which may not include more than two of the official languages) passed on higher or standard grade, provided the remaining subject(s) passed on lower grade are not a prerequisite for the proposed instructional programme. If one of the official languages is passed on lower grade, or you do not meet the requirements above, you may apply for conditional admission.

Conditional Admission

Where an applicant is:

  • At least 23 years of age on the date of registration,
  • in possession of a standard 8- or grade 10 certificate or equivalent qualification, and
  • possesses work experience as a manager or supervisor,

He or she may apply for conditional admission to Southern Business School.

Should a student be granted conditional admission, s/he must pass two subjects in the first semester of the Certificate in Management. If the student passes two subjects, conditional admission is revoked and the student is registered as a normal registration. Should a student fail to pass two subjects, s/he will not be allowed to continue his/her studies.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Where a student did not acquire appropriate learning in a formal- or structured non-formal manner, she or he may apply for recognition of prior learning. Where informal and/or nonformal and/or experiential learning took place it may lead to formal recognition – contact Southern Business School for the necessary application forms.