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Since our inception in 1996 we have committed ourselves to providing recognised South African qualifications to contribute to the body of managerial talent.


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School of Law
Qualification Layout

Purpose :

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB)  prepares jurists and managers for their roles in managing complex problems in the public and private sectors, as well as in the arena of law.

After completing the Bachelor of Laws, students should be able to:

  • Implement the knowledge and appreciation of the values and principles of law as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical reasoning as required in the law profession, academic, professional and career contexts.

Completion of this qualification will provide articulation into NQF level 9 programmes in the relevant fields of law (LLM).

Accreditation :

NQF Level : Level 8
SAQA Credits : 255
SAQA ID : 111055

Registration fee

Distance :
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Registration fee: R1300.00

Payment Options Available :
Credit Card (you can use your budget facility)
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Admission Requirements :

The minimum entry requirement for this qualification is:

1. Southern Business School' Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree on NQF level 7; or
2. An accredited undergraduate degree in law on NQF level 7 (such as Bachelor of Arts in Law) and should include sufficient and appropriate study of Private Law; specifically the following (7) subjects: Introduction to South African Law, The Law of Persons, South African Family Law, The Law of Property, The Law of Succession, The Law of Contract and The Law of Delict; or
3. An accredited undergraduate degree on NQF level 7. In the event of an applicant not complying with the minimum admission requirements as stated above, he/she must complete the following bridging subjects prior to commencing with the qualification: Introduction to South African Law, The Law of Persons, South African Family Law, The Law of Property, The Law of Succession, The Law of Contract and The Law of Delict.
Study Method
Payment Option
The QUALITY of our programmes and student services is the product of internal quality assurance processes that are continuously monitored. Quality assurance is further enhanced through regular peer reviews that include professional bodies, the expectations as indicated by both the public and private sectors and requirements set out by the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


AFFORDABILITY is paramount to the development of a country such as ours to contribute to lifelong learning. We pride ourselves that we are (continuously) able to meet the demand for quality education at a reasonable price.


RECOGNITION is reflected in Southern Business School’s status as a Private Higher Education Institution and endorsements from public and private Higher Education Institutions. We recognise previous learning experiences.
Our students are special to us and we honour them as the focus of all our actions. At Southern Business School we strive to offer our students a superb learning experience through exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE
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