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Since our inception in 1996 we have committed ourselves to providing recognised South African qualifications to contribute to the body of managerial talent.


The Centre for Safety in Society is a unit within Southern Business School supporting the development of leadership and management skills within the Safety in Society Environment.

The ethos of the Centre for Safety in Society is guided by the following development values:
  • To create a learning culture for the Safety in Society environment that is appropriate, precise, differential and practical.
  • To create a supporting structure for the Safety in Society environment in order to professionalise a highly diverse environment.
  • To create an applicable, responsible and workable process for the Safety in Society environment.
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The QUALITY of our programmes and student services is the product of internal quality assurance processes that are continuously monitored. Quality assurance is further enhanced through regular peer reviews that include professional bodies, the expectations as indicated by both the public and private sectors and requirements set out by the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


AFFORDABILITY is paramount to the development of a country such as ours to contribute to lifelong learning. We pride ourselves that we are (continuously) able to meet the demand for quality education at a reasonable price.


RECOGNITION is reflected in Southern Business School’s status as a Private Higher Education Institution and endorsements from public and private Higher Education Institutions. We recognise previous learning experiences.
Our students are special to us and we honour them as the focus of all our actions. At Southern Business School we strive to offer our students a superb learning experience through exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE
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