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Since our inception in 1996 we have committed ourselves to providing recognised South African qualifications to contribute to the body of managerial talent.




  1. Why the consolidation into STADIO?


Our consolidation into STADIO Higher Education will enable Southern Business School to vastly expand our qualification offering.

We will be able to present more than 50 accredited programmes through access to an array of faculties and schools represented by the other institutions that are being incorporated into STADIO Higher Education.

These include areas of study which were not previously on offer at Southern Business School, such as fashion, teacher training and IT as well as marketing and design.

STADIO Higher Education has the core vision of empowering our nation through widening access to quality higher education. The four institutions that will form part of STADIO are Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, Prestige Academy and Southern Business School.

This model has the massive spin-off that every faculty and campus within STADIO will benefit from the pooled resources of the group. And, as a consolidated entity, STADIO will ensure the same quality and standards for all its programmes.

We are very excited about this new world to which our students will have access through STADIO!


  1. Who is STADIO?


STADIO Holdings is a private higher education investment company. It owns six prestigious institutions of which Southern Business School is one.

Four institutions are being consolidated into a single entity called STADIO Higher Education. These institutions are Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, Prestige Academy and Southern Business School.

The other two institutions owned by STADIO Holdings will remain independent and function under their current names – AFDA and Milpark Education.

Combined, these institutions o­ffer over 90 accredited programmes, from Higher Certificates to Masters Degrees and Doctorates, to approximately 30 000 students via contact and distance learning.

A new STADIO Centurion campus is being built in the heart of Centurion, just off John Vorster Drive. It is a state-of-the-art multi-faculty facility which will offer our students the option of on-campus learning.

The current SBS campuses in Krugersdorp and Windhoek will remain hubs for distance learning students with access to the complete STADIO spectrum of programmes, while the Centurion campus will have the capacity to accommodate 5000 on-campus students.

A range of accommodation options are also being built on the Centurion campus, which means school leavers can stay on campus and study full time.

STADIO plans to build a similar multi-faculty campus in Durbanville in the new future.

Its vision is to develop an all-encompassing tertiary education platform which accommodates 100 000 students over time.


  1. How does the consolidation impact my qualification?


Students who graduate in 2020 will receive a Southern Business School certificate, while students graduating from 2021 onwards will receive a STADIO certificate. STADIO will then be the name of the institution registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Although the name of the institution will change, the academic quality, unique curriculum design and outstanding student experience that form part of the Southern Business School DNA will not change.

In fact, the trusted Southern Business School offering will be enriched through becoming part of two of the five faculties of STADIO.  

Southern Business School will now be incorporated into the STADIO Faculty of Commerce, Management and Administration and solely represent the STADIO Faculty of Law.


  1. Will the name change affect the operations and management of the institution and its campuses? And when will the name change take place?


The current operations and management of Southern Business School will not be affected until we are renamed as STADIO, which is dependent on regulatory processes but will likely happen during the course of this year.

Within the Southern Business School operational structure, our core values - quality, affordability, recognition and customer service – will still underpin everything we do.

The consolidation does not mean changes to our tried and trusted quality processes, and our excellent customer service will always remain.

The consolidation with STADIO falls in line with Southern Business School’s vision to broaden our qualifications and to offer an on-campus learning platform in Centurion which caters for full-time students.

Being one entity will allow every faculty and campus within STADIO Higher Education to access the pooled resources of the group.

It will also ensure consistency of quality and standards, and bind the wider student body into one family, with students enjoying increased flexibility of their study programmes and being part of a larger network of students and STADIO Alumni.


  1. Is the name change going to affect my fees?


No, it will not. The idea of creating one institution is to centralise many of its functions and, in the long run, to enhance economies of scale and improve the value delivered.

STADIO is committed to widening access for qualifying students who cannot currently get access to public universities because of a lack of infrastructure and state subsidies. Our commitment is to always deliver accredited qualifications as affordably as possible.


  1. Will the Southern Business School website still be in use?


The Southern Business School website address will still be in use, but you will be redirected to

On the new STADIO website you will find us at the STADIO Faculty of Commerce, Management and Administration as well as the Faculty of Law.


  1. Any questions, please feel free to contact us?


Our contact details remain the same and we are always available to answer any questions arising from this process via email on or telephonically +27 (0) 11 662 1444.


The QUALITY of our programmes and student services is the product of internal quality assurance processes that are continuously monitored. Quality assurance is further enhanced through regular peer reviews that include professional bodies, the expectations as indicated by both the public and private sectors and requirements set out by the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


AFFORDABILITY is paramount to the development of a country such as ours to contribute to lifelong learning. We pride ourselves that we are (continuously) able to meet the demand for quality education at a reasonable price.


RECOGNITION is reflected in Southern Business School’s status as a Private Higher Education Institution and endorsements from public and private Higher Education Institutions. We recognise previous learning experiences.
Our students are special to us and we honour them as the focus of all our actions. At Southern Business School we strive to offer our students a superb learning experience through exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE
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