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Since our inception in 1996 we have committed ourselves to providing recognised South African qualifications to contribute to the body of managerial talent.



Southern Business School’s second semester student numbers have bucked the prevalent Covid-19-induced downward trend at South African tertiary education institutions and show a remarkable 11% year-on-year growth.

Southern Business School is one of South Africa’s oldest and largest private higher education institutions. It specialises in distance learning and over the past 24 years has provided a springboard for many students who have obtained qualifications to get promoted or to improve job security.

“The credibility of our tried and trusted distance learning platform came to the fore during the lockdown because our students’ learning processes weren’t interrupted,” said Southern Business School principal and STADIO CEO, Chris Vorster.

“Students in South Africa and abroad remained on top of their studies on our advanced and user-friendly MySBS online learning platform.

“It has been a privilege for me to witness how our resilient Southern Business School students and staff have adapted to the unchartered territory through which we have had to navigate during the past six months,” said Vorster.

Southern Business School offers a wide variety of qualifications, ranging from higher certificates to doctorates, in business and administration, commerce, policing and law. Included in its offering is a Bachelor of Commerce in Laws as well as an LLB. The institution’s qualifications are internationally recognised.

Southern Business School was founded in 1996 with 28 students. Today the institution serves 14 000 students and is the main role player in the consolidation of four private higher education institutions into STADIO Higher Education later this year.

“We are proud to be recognised as one of the most trusted higher education institutions in southern Africa,” said Vorster. “We are humbled and extremely thankful for the continued growth of Southern Business School and we are committed to ensuring that our distance-learning qualifications remain in high demand in the workplace.”

Southern Business School has campuses in Krugersdorp and Windhoek, but because it specialises in distance learning, students can register and study wherever they live or work in southern Africa.

“Quality tertiary education and obtaining a recognised qualification have never been more important than today in the uncertain environment which has been created by Covid-19. And, because many people now work from home, they have the time to further their studies,” said Vorster.

The saying goes that you are never too old and the average age of the Southern Business School student is testimony to this. “The average age of our students is 37. With our distance learning platform, we take our students’ busy work schedules into account and our lecturers are ready to assist. Our lecturers are passionate about our students and have their interest in mind,” said Vorster.

Southern Business School is renowned for the quality of its programmes, but it is also well known for the affordability of its qualifications.

“Students are pleasantly surprised when they enquire about the affordability of our programmes, and they can pay off their studies monthly. We are passionate about providing access to higher education for as many students as possible,” concluded Vorster..

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The QUALITY of our programmes and student services is the product of internal quality assurance processes that are continuously monitored. Quality assurance is further enhanced through regular peer reviews that include professional bodies, the expectations as indicated by both the public and private sectors and requirements set out by the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).


AFFORDABILITY is paramount to the development of a country such as ours to contribute to lifelong learning. We pride ourselves that we are (continuously) able to meet the demand for quality education at a reasonable price.


RECOGNITION is reflected in Southern Business School’s status as a Private Higher Education Institution and endorsements from public and private Higher Education Institutions. We recognise previous learning experiences.
Our students are special to us and we honour them as the focus of all our actions. At Southern Business School we strive to offer our students a superb learning experience through exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE
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